Light-Roll™: Helping our heroes to get home safely?

Based on LyTec® proprietary, electroluminescent (EL) fibering technology, Light-Roll™ is a mobile lighting delineation system to help rescue teams guide themselves and others to safety during limited visibility conditions.

Light-Roll™ is the only truly portable, compact, water-resistant and battery operated lighting-delineation system for marking danger zones, ingress and egress pathways, obstacles and obstructions, staging areas, traffic patterns and more. The exceptionally strong and pliable self-lit wire unwinds to provide a continuous visual beacon ? a linear light source ? designed to meet today's challenges of incidence/consequence management. Embedded in a robust system ? a functional carrying case ? the Light-Roll™ system is easily deployed by a single operator in any emergency situation.

The Light-Roll™ Advantage:

Mission-critical performance:

Essential visual communication tool for first responder teams
Ingress/Egress marking for low-light environments (for responders and survivors)
Delineates exit/escape routes, emergency stairwells & Hazmat areas
Enables effective mass evacuations in limited visibility conditions
Suitable for power failures, fire scenes, high rise buildings, construction sites, tunnels/caves, and virtually any indoor/outdoor disaster site where temporary delineation is needed
Employed by First Responders, EMS, Homeland Security teams, Firefighters, Law enforcement units and Special Forces/Military personnel

Robust - water & chemical resistant; high mechanical & abrasion
Cold light source - never heats up, even after continuous hours of use
High Portability - lightweight & compact; packed in a functional, situation-ready carrying case; requires a single operator only
Long lasting - Up to 16 hours of continuous power from standard, field-replaceable AA Batteries or rechargeable battery; no need for external power source
Incredibly Pliable - flexible fiber can be bent, twisted, tied and stepped upon hundreds of times without compromising the continuous quality of the self-illuminating light source
Reusable system - suitable for real-life scenarios and training sessions. Can be rewound over and over again