In Today's modern world, the number of people visiting, working and living in skyscrapers and other multi-stories building is always on the increase. During the last century the methods of building construction have evolved by tenfold in comparison to older buildings, however one problem still remains unanswered even in these new buildings - the need for a quick and easy escape route in case of an emergency, if it's a fire, earthquake, explosion or a terrorist attack.

During such emergencies, people may find themselves trapped on high floors without a possibility of evacuation when facing a life-threatening situation.

In most of these emergency situations the usual escape routes such as stairs and elevators are too dangerous to be used or simply un-effective in relation to the amount of people that require evacuation.

Innovative Rescue Solution
Fortunately, there is a solution.

The "DOUBLEXIT" system has been designed to provide a safe, effective and efficient rescue solution for saving as many people as possible trapped in high-rise buildings. The rescue process must be performed from the building interior to the exterior.

The "DOUBLEXIT" emergency escape system succeeds in providing a cost-effective, safe and easy to use solution that does not require any outside assistance or prior training and that it can be used repeatedly.