TYTAN Engineering Personal Escape Masks are manufactured in 1989. They are made from high quality technical rubber products. This line of special emergency escape mask is designed for personal use in situations of smoke and fire, chemical spill or chemical / biological warfare.

Product Features
TYTAN Engineering Masks are renown for their easy accessibility. They are lightweight, portable, pocket-sized and quick to don. They seal comfortably at the neck and provide efficient filtering of toxic gases and agents. The various masks are designed to protect the user against smoke and toxic gases during fire, outbreak of hazardous chemicals or biological / chemical warfare agents.

Quality Assurance
TYTAN Engineering Mask is a quality product with two TNO Certifications. TNO is an independent RvA-accredited Institute for product, service and quality system certification. TYTAN Engineering Masks products have been tested and complied with TNO's strict guidelines and standards for Personal Protective Equipment.

TYTAN Engineering Mask is constantly developing new models and continuously improving the existing product lines to meet the changing markets. TYTAN Engineering Mask has a team of professional development designers and engineers. The company works in cooperation with laboratories and leading standards institutions in Europe and the USA.

Marketing and Sales

TYTAN Engineering Mask targets markets where people are in need of an efficient, short-term respiratory filter escape tool in the event of a natural disaster, human error or terrorist attack. The usual purchasers are law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services, chemical industries, high-rise offices, residential complexes, hospitals, hotels, transportation companies, etc. TYTAN Engineering Masks were an integral part of the equipment for the security teams working at the Olympic Villages in Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000. TYTAN Engineering Mask are widely sold in Middle East, the USA, Asia, Australia and many European countries.